EXCLUSIVE: Vanilla Blush eyes second home as Brexit plans move forward

Post-surgery retailer Vanilla Blush is planning to open a new head office and store outside the UK as Britain prepares to exit the single market.

The company, which currently operates in Glasgow, is eyeing a location for a second HQ in the Republic of Ireland.

The idea is to pre-empt any possible rise in import and export, as well as postage and packaging costs, that would come about with Vanilla Blush functioning in two single markets – one in the EU and one in the UK.

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Vanilla Blush CEO Nicola Dames said: “Prior to the Brexit decision, it made great sense to have our HQ in one of the UK’s leading cities, and therefore one of the EU’s leading cities, which is Glasgow.

“However, it is clear that we will now have to have two HQs, one in and for the UK and one in and for the EU.

“It is important for the post-surgery ostomate community to have a high visual presence in the EU, and with the UK withdrawing [the single market], it makes sense to replicate our very successful UK model.”


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    Good on you Nicola and team
    All the very best
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