EXCLUSIVE: Triumph sponsors NHS wellbeing project

Triumph has become the apparel sponsor for the Wellbeing Challenge 2016, a £5 million plan to improve the health of NHS staff.

Through the partnership, Triumph hopes to reduce the level of musculoskeletal problems – one of the main contributors to absenteeism in the NHS – among female employees by educating them on the importance of wearing the correct bra size.

A Triumph spokesperson said that the collaboration will also help its retail partners increase lingerie sales in store.

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“We felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to engage with our target audience (70% of NHS employees are women and 70% are over the age of 35) to galvanise them into getting fitted and drive them into our wholesale partners – where we know one of the ongoing challenges is to drive footfall,” they explained.

The sponsorship involves the publication of an educational article online, which will highlight the importance of wearing a correct fitting bra.

NHS staff members will also be given the opportunity to download a voucher to receive 20% off full-priced Triumph merchandise when presented in store or online.

Wellbeing Challenge 2016 was established to encourage NHS staff at every level within the organisation to engage in healthy lifestyle changes in a bid to reduce health issues, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity, and to reduce staff absenteeism.

Estimates from Public Health England put the cost to the NHS of staff absence due to poor health at £2.4bn a year – accounting for around £1 in every £40 of the total budget. This figure is before the cost of agency staff to fill in gaps, as well as the cost of treatment, is taken into account.



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