EXCLUSIVE: Trinny & Susannah to launch sportswear

Trinny and Susannah have announced that they will be launching a new range of sports shapewear.

The pair spoke to Lingerie Insight about the new project during a breakfast launch of their new tummy tuck shapewear vest and short pant at Soho House.

Trinny told Lingerie Insight: “Sportswear, we want to get into – just for working out… It will just be stuff that feels very good to work out in and that looks good, and you can then put a dress over it if you have to run and not have a shower.”

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The products will feature a development of the newly launched tummy tuck vest and a shapewear legging, to be introduced this June.

Trinny added: “We are going to take the tummy tuck vest and make that into a slightly sportswear range, because I think when you work out, specially Pilates and yoga, if you wear something fitted and pulling you in, it motivates you to do well and, if you wear something big and baggy, it makes you feel… well, big and baggy.

“I wear the tummy tucker vest when I work out, because it covers my gusset and I just like to cover my gusset.”

The new leggings have been developed as a solution to larger women, who don’t feel confident wearing the clinging garment.

“We were in Australia last year and using leggings a lot,” Trinny said. “It’s a key staple now. It’s not going to go away. But, when you bend you see the flesh and, I said, ‘you know, we need a legging that is so f******g supportive that it gives every size the opportunity to feel safe to wear a legging.”

Trinny & Susannah are already stocked in ‘29 to 30 countries’ countries around the world and are only looking to increase their number of stockists. Even TV channels, such as QVC, could provide a retail platform in the future.

Susannah said: “I think it is a whole different way of presenting, you know, the QVC way of presenting. I would literally be there in my g-string, showing before and after the knickers. This is how I really look.”

Read about the relationship between Trinny & Susannah’s shapewear and reality TV shows, about how Trinny plans to lift her ‘ass’ and about the problems the pair have balancing their work and private lives, in the March issue of Lingerie Insight.



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