EXCLUSIVE: Topshop prohibits intake of branded lingerie stock

Image credit: NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images

Topshop is prohibiting the intake of branded lingerie collections for the foreseeable future, Lingerie Insight has learned.

Multiple suppliers were notified by the fashion retailer this week that intake targets have been cut dramatically, with management putting restrictions in place to accept own-buy stock only for the time being.

The move means that Topshop will not be able to approve shipment or accept delivery of any branded stock this season.

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However, the move is only expected to be temporary, with suppliers assured that Topshop will be in touch as soon as the situation changes.

Topshop currently stocks 11 lingerie branded labels and was expected to take on new suppliers for the SS17 season.


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  1. SL said:

    Are sales for the “Topshop currently stocks 11 lingerie branded labels” an issue? Or is it profit margin on those exterior labels? Or their feeling of brand identity loss by being a warehouse for other brands? Insights welcomed. Thanks.


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