EXCLUSIVE Q & A:Intimissimi ambassador Irina Shayk

Intimissimi face and ambassador Irina Shayk talks to Kat Slowe about modelling for the intimate apparel retailer and describes its latest Perfect Bra campaign.

How did you first come to model for Intimissimi?
In 2007, Intimissimi was making a huge casting in Russia and they chose me for their campaign, replacing Ana Beatris Barros.

It was an exciting opportunity for me, as I was a beginner model and the Intimissimi campaign skyrocketed my career.

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What have been your best and most challenging experiences modelling for the company?
I have been very privileged to work for Intimissimi and have enjoyed every minute of it; there have not been any challenging moments.

What have you learnt through your role as face and ambassador?
I have learnt a lot. The Intimissimi team have taught me so much over the years and helped me develop into the model I am today and, of course, they have showed me how to find the perfect bra.

What does the Perfect Bra campaign mean to you?
The perfect bra must be not only beautiful, but it should be comfortable as well. I love Intimissimi underwear because it feels like second skin. I think it empowers women to feel confident and strong in their own skin.

What difference do you think the Perfect Bra campaign could make to consumers?
So many women wear the wrong sized bras and I think the campaign, the book and the product will change this.

Why did you agree to become the Intimissimi ambassador and how has it impacted on your life?
I was thrilled to be asked and said yes immediately. Intimissimi are like my second family and embraced and supported me at the beginning of my career, which has since opened many doors for me along the way.

When winning Miss Chelyabinsk 2004, did you imagine you would ever become the face of a global lingerie company?
No, absolutely not, I count myself very lucky to be where I am and I have also worked very hard to get here.

Did you always dream of being a model?
When I started modelling, I did it because my sister was due to have a baby and my family badly needed money. I always thought about modelling as a job, not as a means to become famous.

How is modelling lingerie different from modelling other types of garment?
With experience in both, I don’t find them too different, as I like to stay in shape in my day to day life and I put the same energy and focus into all my shoots.

What do you hope to achieve through working with Intimissimi in the coming years?
I hope to continue to have a successful career.

Perfect Bra Campaign: Intimissimi’s new campaign and book is designed to help women find and care for ‘The Perfect Bra.’ It has been supported by ‘The Perfect Bra Tour,’ which was presented in five different countries earlier this year with Irina Shayk as the special guest for all of the events. Cities visited included Istanbul, Madrid, Lisbon, Moscow and London.

The book includes a series of black and white campaign images, featuring brand models Irina Shayk, Tanya Mityushina and Tamara Lazic. They were shot by photographer/artist Raphael Mazzucco.

Launched in 1996, Intimissimi is part of the Calzedonia Group, which now operates more than 1070 stores in 26 countries, including Italy where there are currently more than 550 stores.






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