EXCLUSIVE: New Courtaulds GM eyes global expansion

The new general manager of Gossard and Berlei has pledged her intention to expand the brands’ presence in Europe and beyond.

Speaking to Lingerie Insight in her first interview as GM, Elise Recour said she had signed for a “much bigger stand” at the Mode City trade show in Paris, with the aim to build brand awareness among international buyers.

The idea is to strengthen relationships with current stockists and gain new customers in Europe – France and Germany in particular – before forming a strategy to increase sales in the US.

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“We see a lot of potential internationally, with Germany and France performing particularly well. We’ve just signed for a much bigger stand at the Paris fair to make our presence known for the sale of the next collection,” said Recour.

“We have a history in Europe, particularly with Gossard in France – the brand has previously been stocked in Galleries Lafayette – so it’s a natural next step for us to focus on a market where consumers aged 30 and above already know the brand. We’ve also seen great progress in Germany in terms of sales."

Asked whether she intends to introduce Gossard and Berlei to new markets, Recour said: “We’re looking at expanding through distributors and agents. We’re already selling in Russia and Poland and we’ve got a very strong distributor in Turkey, so we’re just at the minute screening all the opportunities in Europe and, separately, we’re looking to grow in the US."

Courtaulds appointed Recour as the new GM of Gossard and Berlei earlier this month. Recour joined the group as design director in 2006 and has worked at the company’s offices around the world including Paris, China and London.

In 2011, she opened a business unit in Paris to introduce Gossard and Berlei to the French market.



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