EXCLUSIVE: Michael Phelps swimwear brand sees sales skyrocket

Michael Phelps swimwear, a collaboration between the Olympic champion, swimming coach Bob Bowman and swimwear brand Aqua Sphere, is enjoying unprecedented success in the UK this year.

Following the 2016 Rio Olympics, MP swimwear sales have soared 140%, and this growth is expected to steadily continue as more designs are added in 2018, Lingerie Insight has learned.

Launched in 2015, MP, designed by Aqua Sphere, aims to develop innovative products to meet the needs of elite competitive swimmers, both male and female.

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All racing and training suits feature vivid graffiti-inspired prints, abstract scenes and high saturation camouflage prints chosen by Phelps.

New prints for 2017 are Kirali, Laci and Zuglo, all designed to stand out poolside.

The new designs are available in men’s 45cm leg Jammers, men’s 14cm briefs, men’s 6cm briefs, women’s racing-back swimsuits and women’s open-back swimsuits.

MP training suits are made using Aqua Sphere’s Aqua Infinity fabric, which is designed to offer a high level of chlorine resistance.



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