EXCLUSIVE: Lejaby re-launches Elixir brand

Maison Lejaby is set to re-launch its Elixir lingerie brand, which targets the fuller figure market.

The new label will form the final corner of the Maison Lejaby Group offering, which includes the Lejaby and Rasurel brands, and will see the addition of Lejaby Couture later this year.

First launched in AW2010, Elixir de Lejaby reportedly received a positive reception from markets around the world but, at the time, the decision was taken not to maintain it as a separate brand.

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Maison Lejaby chief executive Alain Prost told Lingerie Insight: “I think there was a consumer need, a consumer expectation of this kind of offer… It was working quite well in the UK and I think it will take over again this territory and develop it.”

The brand, is expected to be available up to an H cup, targets the younger market.

Prost said: “[Women] can be round and need bigger sizes, and be young. It is not only for the older woman. Most of the offer now is focussed now on the older woman.

“And, the success of elixir was that from the start it was not focussed on that only. And, it was successful also because it was seduction for the younger women.”

He added: “In the UK, you have bigger sizes and it should be a very important launch for your market.”

Lejaby will also be re-launching its Rasurel beachwear for the SS13 season. The details are not yet being released but, according to Prost, the project will be a ‘new approach for beachwear.’



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