EXCLUSIVE: Lejaby makes UK staff redundant

Lejaby has announced that it will be making its entire UK staff redundant, next week.

The 29 employees will take their final pay check on Tuesday, in a step that will see the closure of the company’s current UK distribution office.

Lejaby SAS was bought out, this month, by Alain Prost, the former CEO of Italian lingerie group La Perla.

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Prost has promised to invest 7 million euros in the company. He joined forces with the subcontractor Lejaby, in Tunisia, where he is expected to take the company’s manufacturing after closing the brand’s last production plant in Yssingeaux.

It is unlikely that the UK will be the only subsidiary to face a job culling, with re-structuring also expected to take place in a series of other countries where the brand is present.

UK country manager Kathleen Morgan told Lingerie Insight: “Even though we had given people warnings since October, still, when someone has been 37 years in one store… I hope that some of the employees will be re-hired by the stores.”

Maison Lejaby, the name under which the French business now operates, will be exhibiting on a small stand at Moda, where UK retailers will be able to place orders for the new AW12 collection.

Tugdual Denis, Export Sales Manager of the Lejaby Group, will be responsible for the company’s UK operations from this point forward.

Click here to view Lejaby’s new AW12 range.



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