EXCLUSIVE: Lejaby launches haute couture lingerie

Maison Lejaby has announced that it will be launching a new ‘haute couture’ lingerie and beachwear brand, with the working title Lejaby Couture, before the end of 2012.

The step comes as part of the company’s bid to re-position itself toward the luxury end of the market.

Maison Lejaby chief executive Alain Prost told Lingerie Insight: “It will be the first brand of French lingerie haute couture. It is a luxury brand of corsetry and beachwear.

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“We know to do things that nobody else does. We want to show our customers and our consumers that we can do something special, so that is the reason why we want to launch Lejaby Couture.”

The couture products, which could potentially be personalised for the individual consumer, will be designed and manufactured in France, near Lyon.

This will help distinguish the lingerie and beachwear from the rest of Maison Lejaby’s product offering, which is currently made in Tunisia.

Maison Lejaby will also be adding a series of new pieces to its current AW12 offering.

Due to be release in the next few month, they will be available to order for October and are designed to reflect the French brand’s new, luxury direction.

Prost added: “The brand has gone down from a high brand to a high medium position of the market. We have to go back to where Lejaby was before.”



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