EXCLUSIVE: Iris London is Cobra Beer’s bra maker

Iris London is the designer behind the bras created for Cobra Beer’s biggest advertising campaign to date, Lingerie Insight can report.

The brand’s founder, Ellie Simpson-Gray, created three bespoke garments that have been used for a TV commercial, released last week, and printed adverts that will run inside newspapers and magazines, and on billboards across the country.

The "live smooth" campaign, created by advertising agency Karmarama, aims to make consumers think again about the Indian beer and consider it as a drink to be bought in pubs rather than only with Indian food.

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The new face of the brand, The Boss, lives an "impossibly smooth" lifestyle and splits his time between Cobra and the fictional luxury underwear manufacturer BraCo.

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Simpson-Gray was approached by Cobra Beer in November 2013 to make the bras that would feature in the adverts.

“Two of Karmarama’s employees are Iris customers, which is how I came to be recommended to the producer,” she said.

“They gave me the initial brief and then I was teamed up with a menswear stylist who worked with The Boss in the advert. He told me I’d be pitching my design idea to Michael Maguire, who’s a very famous ad director based in LA.”

Simpson-Gray pitched three design ideas to Maguire that varied in design but all featured Cobra’s signature colours.

“The director selected one design and sent it to the client. The client loved it, but said the green needs to be a truer Cobra green. So there was a slight tailoring in that sense. When you are working on a commercial project, you have to trim your wings a bit in a creative sense, because the brand is the most important thing,” she said.

The designer then worked with her team to source the required fabrics and make the bras to a tight deadline.

Each bra took about four hours to make and features a foam cup, a duchess satin underlay and triple-embroidered lace in a two-tone green.

Iris London added Cobra’s palm tree emblem in the form of a hand-painted gold charm to the front-centre of the garments, and threaded gold thread through the lace.

Commenting on the campaign, Simpson-Gray said: "To have such a creative concept with an established, global brand is quite unusual, so it was really important to me to design a bra which could deliver Cobra’s identity and objectives. I’m really proud to have won the commission and think the bra and the campaign looks amazing."




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