EXCLUSIVE: DBA trials Lovable brand in the UK

DB Apparel, the umbrella company for popular brands Wonderbra, Shock Absorber and Playtex, is set to trial Italy’s number one lingerie brand, Lovable, in the UK.

The label will be trialled exclusively at John Lewis stores, from August, 2012.

The range encompasses Vintage Couture, a vintage collection inspired by Italian icons such as Sofia Loren and Claudia Cardinale, push up balconette Power Lift, t-shirt bra Ultralight, the contemporary LOV Gloss, patterned Pied de Poule, Stylish Woman and Macrame’ Seduction.

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On the Lovable launch, DB Apparel general manager Paul Devin told Lingerie Insight: “Here, in the UK, we focus on three brands in one category and we are constantly looking at ‘okay, well what else can we bring to the market?’ Can we look at other brands that are the market leaders in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and would they translate to the UK market. If so, how do we do it?

“We have the Lovable brand in Italy, which is the branded market leader in Italy. And, we will working with John Lewis on a limited trial to ascertain whether there is an appetite for this product in the UK market. If that works, then obviously we will look to role that out to selected points of distribution.”



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