EXCLUSIVE: Council must do more to support independent retailers, says Tallulah Lingerie

Local authorities need to step up their support for independent retailers on the high street, the owner of Tallulah Lingerie. has claimed

Nicola Adams, who founded the boutique lingerie store in Islington almost 15 years ago, told Lingerie Insight that lack of council support sparks issues for retailers trying to compete with multiples, department stores and online retailers.

She said: “Councils are not supporting the local community and they should be. It’s expensive to park here and the council should be encouraging customers to come to Islington to spend their money. It’s not right, that’s what business rates are for and they get enough money out of the businesses.”

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Adams added that issues, such as parking, can be enough to ward off customers from making a trip out to have a physical shopping experience.

“[One of the] challenges is getting people into the shop because obviously it is all so online-based now and people want everything instantly but it means walking to the shop, ringing the bell, coming in and that’s really our biggest challenge,” Adams added.

“You walk down the street and you can still order things online and getting people to support the independents rather than the big name brands that can afford all the marketing and advertising so it’s thrown in their face to think outside of the box, that’s the biggest challenge.”

As well as councils failing to support independent businesses, Lingerie Insight previously reported that suppliers are falling short in support.

Adams explained: “I do wish the brands would offer more support to us boutiques. They generally have a much bigger budget for marketing and advertising than us small guys,” she says.

“We do our job of merchandising and lovingly selling their collections in our stores, so the least they could do is to support us, even by mentioning us on social media. They would gain new customers that way, so it’s a win, win.”



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