EXCLUSIVE: Groupe Chantelle unveils fresh visual identity and retail concept

New AW18 imagery from Chantelle (left) and Passionata (right)

International lingerie company, Groupe Chantelle, said it has revamped its corporate identity in a bid to unite all of its brands.

The brand, which owns and operates Chantelle, Chantal Thomass, Darjeeling, Passionata, Femilet, Livera and Orcanta, unveiled its new identity, Chantelle Lingerie, at Salon International in Paris over the weekend.

The branding overhaul is reflected in the retail offering and brands’ images, as well as the group’s title.

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It is already present in the group’s newest store in Italy and will soon be in its stores in France, which are scheduled for renovation.

Sonja Winther, wholesale director for North America and the UK, told Lingerie Insight: “We’re unveiling our Chantelle Lingerie (CL) brand [at the show this weekend], it’s actually our latest retail concept. We opened up a retail store in November in Milan, Italy, we have a long history of selling in Italy and it made a lot of sense for us to launch our latest concept there. They have a lot of respect for design and fashion in Italy.

Visitors gather at the Chantelle stand.

Visitors gather at the Chantelle stand.

“On the wholesale side, it puts all of our brands together and not make it look like it’s a patchwork. You’ll notice the visual identity where the logos have been slightly updated, the Chantelle logo has become bolder and it’s taking a stand that we’re proud of what Chantelle is.”

The repositioning comes a year on from creative director Renaud Cambuzat joining the brand.

Speaking to Lingerie Insight at the Chantelle Paris stand at Mode City in July, Cambuzat said: “We are working on three different levels in terms of brand evolution. The first one is a new photography style, the second one is new graphic designs – so new logos, new fonts, new colours – and the third one is the tone of voice.

“We are taking a ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ approach, so it’s all about trying to be less commercial, more authentic and a bit less marketing driven, and trying to bring a lot of creativity, passion and conviction in everything we do.”



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