EXCLUSIVE: Caprice aims to become reality TV star

By Caprice founder and former supermodel Caprice Bourret has revealed that she is interested in starring in her own reality show, providing advice to struggling businesses.

Bourret is currently in talks with TV bosses to feature in a programme, where she would provide ‘useful’ business advice to companies on topics such as cash flow and negotiating margins.

She told Lingerie Insight: “I want to get back into entertainment a little bit, as well. I want to have my own business TV show. Because I started this business, I think I could go into any business and turn it around, or re-structure it, or see what is wrong or not wrong.

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“I think people are really interested these days, because it is all about small businesses. Most people don’t understand what a d*** cash flow is. I mean, how could you not understand what a cash flow is if you want to start your own business? Or how to find funds, or customer service, or how to negotiate your margins.

“I mean, yeh, we have You’re Fired and we have Dragon’s Den, but it is not showing you how to do it. So, this is an avenue that I am really interested in.”

The By Caprice founder recently proved her business savvy when she participated in a business charity initiative organised by City Index and financial magazine The Exchange. Each month, a pair of celebrities were given £5000 to trade on the real markets for a charity of their choice.

Bourret beat rugby star Ben Cohen and Westlife singer Kian Egan to top the profit leader board.

“That wasn’t too hard to do,” she said, laughing. “I mean, I do do this for living as well. It wasn’t that difficult. I think I was trading gold and silver. I wasn’t even trading currency. Usually, I trade currency and, I thought, I do that all the time, so let’s try gold and silver.

“They had no chance – bless them. I may look like fluff…”

Discover more exclusive information on Caprice Bourret’s TV plans, about her plans to triple the size of her business in a single year and why she gave Amy Childs modelling tips, in the May issue of Lingerie Insight.



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