EXCLUSIVE: Ann Summers plans to launch in the US

Ann Summers intends to launch State side as soon as the world economy shows significant signs of recovery, chief executive Jacqueline Gold has revealed to Lingerie Insight.

“We would love to expand in the US, but the timing has to be right,” Gold said. “It will be fantastic – I can’t wait.”

Gold claimed that there was no shortage of opportunity in the US and that Ann Summers would look to move into the market as soon as the global market regained stability.

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“I think the opportunity is there now, but we are not willing to take big risks in new ventures until the economy starts to improve,” she said. “I think it is more responsible to focus on ensuring that the core business is stable and doing well, which it is, but I don’t want to be taking risks right at this moment in time.”

She added: “World domination? Absolutely. I’m impatient, so I want this blooming recession to hurry up."

Read more about Ann Summer’s plans for the upcoming year and Gold’s response to the recent radio ad ban in the December issue of Lingerie Insight.



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