Ex-Victoria’s Secret ecommerce pioneer advises on online retail growth

A digital expert who helped pioneer Victoria’s Secret’s ecommerce strategy, has offered advice on how lingerie retailers can improve consumers’ global online shopping experiences.

 Anne-Marie Blaire, who is now chief digital officer for Grupo Cortefiel, one of Europe’s leading fashion retail groups operating in Spain, supports the idea of having size preferences saved across a number of platforms.

Speaking at the Internet Retailing Conference in London last week, she said the concept of ‘size passbooks’ and ‘passports’ is an opportunity retailers can capitalise on.

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“I want to always know what size I am and I want to know it everywhere I go. Maybe I’m in the UK, maybe I’m in the US, maybe I’m in Spain or France and the ability for online retailers to have my size and make the proper calculations and conversions makes a lot of sense for a lingerie retailer,” she explained.

“If my purchase history is saved in my passport in store and online, the associate then knows which product to suggest. It gives me, the consumer, a great deal of confidence in making that next step,” she added.

Blaire admits that balancing online service and in-store convenience is particularly difficult for lingerie retailers, noting the importance of getting fitted in store by a trained fitter.

“Women can sometimes be misinformed as to what size they are as products can stretch and bodies can change,” she said.

But she added that online stores are ideal for millennials looking for a mix and match service. She explained: “This is why Victoria’s Secret Pink came about. It’s the really fun colours that appeal to the young consumer. Using the internet to make a mix and match tool is great for that young millennial.”



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