Evolution for Interfiliere AW12/13 Trends

In July 2011, Mode City & Interfiliere will be presenting lingerie which has been made-to-measure for a world where people’s bodies and aspirations are in constant change.

The earlier timing seeks to help exhibitors and visitors respond to an international market, which is no longer dominated by seasons or segmentations. Brand leaders are now focusing closely on the emergence of new and changing life styles and adapting their products.

Women’s bodies are becoming rounder, so the demand is growing for shapewear that combines comfort with control and for bras that are functional, as well as seductive. Travel and sunny beaches are more and more accessible; therefore, beachwear is evolving into holiday wardrobes.

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And, because the home is the focal point par excellence of wellbeing, there is a growing demand for soft knits and elegant upmarket eco loungewear. Rising prices of raw materials, reflected in the price of the end product, places a premium on creativity.

The Colours

Nature, with its infinite treasures and looks, never ceases to inspire us. A Nature, that often leaves the beaten paths, is ready to lead us into a fairytale, into deeply mysterious grounds.

Top position is saved for mineral nuances and effects, combined with refined mixtures of details, materials and finishes.

The colour specialists are unanimous: while minimalism continues to seduce and conquer RTW, bodyfashion needs to remain true to the value which its success is abased on – pleasure.


The Trends

Couture Lab

Tradition reinvented. Seduction rich in graphics and design personality, puts the accent on perfectionism in make, materials and garment proportions. Decoration and motifs inspired by both the Belle Epoque and the Sixties, periods of great creativity and the exquisite elegance of Parisian chic and seduction. A comeback of costly decorations made possible with the aid of new technology in surface decoration. All this in black, red, copper reflections and dark accents.

• Wallpaper traditions re-visited

Cut-outs, laser technology, new proportions and textures. Classic ornaments take in a very modern graphical direction in a gorgeous Parisian spirit.

Monochrome effects for beach & shapewear.

• Body Deco

Engineered modulus is combined with super looks : high waists are back.

Young people adore the look of the classics: Doreen, Cross-your Heart etc.

• Back to the Future

Influences of Courreges, Paco Rabanne or Cardin combined in very contemporary style, precise and contrasting.
Favourite details: zips, plastic details and sporty accents.


Pumpkin Princess

A dream revived. Every woman has her princess moments when she dreams of a magic wand that changes her teddy bear into a prince. Lingerie, as nothing else in fashion, has all the elements to create that magic with its lightness, frivolities, moods of gracefulness. Here set in a naughty cool mood, a show of iciness that warms the spirit. An atmosphere of opposites: sexiness and ingenuous purity. Our princess is given a sexy charm with frosted effects and fur accents, roughened textures, a halo of pastel shades enlivened with fresh accents. She is ready to reign in the realm of lingerie.

• Whipped Cream

Focus on raised reliefs with yarn novelty and very lightweight surface effects: waffle, brushed, gathered, high-bulk yarns.

• Icicles & Glaciers

Ultra fine laces and metallic accents, brushed and surface effects for a winter wonderland mood.

Corded embroideries and mini beads and sequins for smooth silhouettes.

• Expressive Flowers

Evolution of laser & thermo cuts for ultra lightweight accents.

The mood is the result of mix of different techniques in ultra mat whites and low contrast colours.


 The Naturalists

Nature reborn. A lot of unknowns on the horizon when we start to look at Natureas if we’ve never seen it before. This is not Nature as a fashion trend but rather as an infinite source of creativity, explored here for its refined nuances and details. Copper reflections, amber, iridescence, glowing and shaded effects. But also a completely new view on flora and fauna motifs, new proportions… a focus on a rich yet fragile world, wild yet tamed.

• Upcylcling

A rising trend: Upcycling to give a second life to left-over materials. The July Interfilière gives a chance for all forgotten fabric stocks to enter a new life cycle.

• Pastoral Eccentricities

Bloomsbury twists are the Naturalists favourites for their strangeness in colour mixes and painterly effects. Petal
effects and insects add to the eccentricity.

• Plant Life

Expressions in every possible form and at their best in non-traditional colours. The orange/brown/ochre family and very dark colours gives the subject matter a novel twist.

Ornamental plants with precise contrast outlines.


 The Travellers

Adventures revisited. The call of Bohemia in holiday mood in search of sunny winter breaks. On the look-out for new adventures and far-away cultural and folklore discoveries. This time, we look for the dynamism and generosity of Latin America and India. Focus on flamboyant colourations and arty eccentricity ranging from Frida Khalo’s opulence to Navajo geometrics and Indian metal & silk traditions. Artisanal crafts from batik to Ikat. An explosion of colours and motifs with something for everyone.

• Tribal Girls

Patchwork of small motifs and neverseen-before assemblages.

• Primitive Art

Primitive designs of global solidarity, freed from rules, artistic and liberated, batiks, block prints, handembroidery,
engravings are the height of inspiration.

Guipure is reborn as ultra avantgarde.

• Blankets

With the help of Missoni the multi-nomad mood takes every direction and mixes it all: from Navajo to Asia, from Mexico to Siberia.


 Beachwear Trends

• Winter Sun

Portobello Road’s bohemian chic comes together with design dynamics from India introducing names like Manish Arora and Samant Chauhan.

New printing and laser engraving technology. 

Foulards – laser printing has no restrictions for multiple colourations and although more expensive than wet printing, dry printing saves water.




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