Eurojersey unveils new intelligent fabrics

Eurojersey, producer of the patented Sensitive® Fabrics, is launching two new revolutionary fabrics, Sensitive® Fabrics A-more and Sensitive® Fabrics BODYWARE.

Sensitive® Fabrics A-more uses a new textile technology that produces a ‘beauty cream to wear’.

It is designed to help your skin, making it firmer and revitalising it through the ‘accurate, safe action’ of active ingredients. This new concept is called A-more, which stands for Act More.

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The new fabric is Sensitive® Ultra Light Firming, which means that it includes firming active ingredients to improve the elasticity and brightness of your skin.

Sensitive® Fabrics BODYWARE utilises a treatment program for optimal hygiene and better control perspiration.

The fabric provides optimal hygiene due to its effective, powerful silver-based solution that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria, helping your clothes to stay fresher, more comfortable and in better condition for much longer.

Moreover, an innovative polymer applied to Sensitive® Fabrics BODYWARE changes properties in response to the body’s temperature: at low temperatures it captures moisture, keeping you drier and warmer, and as temperature increases, it cools you down.



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