Eurojersey steps up to protect marine wildlife

Eurojersey will return to textiles exhibition Mare di Moda in Cannes next month to launch a new line of eco-friendly swimwear fabrics.

The brand will present five swimsuits created using its SS17 Sensitive Fabrics collection at the three-day event, which opens on November 3.

Each piece, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, features digitally-printed marine life and cool colours of blue and turquoise, reminiscent of the sea surface.

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The collection was created in line with Eurojersey’s recent partnership with WWF Italia.

The three-year partnership is dedicated to safeguarding the Mediterranean Sea and aims to actively contribute to protecting the natural habitat of its precious species through special initiatives and campaigns.

Eurojersey hopes to promote itself as a brand that respects the land, sea and their common resources.

Each year, the company reuses 30 million litres of hot water when producing its patented Sensitive Fabrics, saving 200 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent).



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