Eurojersey presents SS14 beachwear themes

The EUROJERSEY design department has developed its range of Sensitive® Fabrics for the 2014 Beach collections by looking at the Sensitive® Classic fabric, and identifying styles that ‘evoke experiences and the allure of different styles’ from around the world.

The company takes its inspiration an imaginary voyage between East and West, looking to the ‘enchanting scenes’ found in epic maritime stories, which depict coastlines, harbours and shores.

A new technique is being introduced for the 2014 range, called overprint lacquer, which allows optimal penetration of the coloured pigment into the fabric on a coloured background. This results in a clean, precise graphic.

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The high-definition digital print system, developed exclusively by Eurojersey, means that all kinds of personalised prints can be reproduced onto fabrics. The prints reportedly stand out for their optimal performance in terms of colour penetration and pattern resolution.

The collection features four moods: Floral, New Geometrical Shapes, Stylised Floral and Exotic.

The Moods

Floral – Oriental ceramics serve as the backdrop to the Floral fabrics, which take their inspiration from Japan and its meditations and ceremonies, which are still very popular today. Flowers feature heavily, depicted through precise engravings. These snapshots of fragrant bouquets are set against a backdrop of deep, soothing, marine tones, ranging from intense shades of blue to dazzling hues of electric blue and green to contrasting reds, whites and creams. The floral fabrics have been designed especially for clothing to be worn in natural locations, such as the beach or out in open waters, in summertime.

New Geometrical Shapes – This mood takes its inspiration from the decorative flooring and ceramics emblematic of the splendid port city-states of medieval Italy, where precious goods that were impossible to find elsewhere would arrive, along with new artistic ideas and multi-ethnic images. The modular tiled effect evokes the houses and scenes of the port cities of that time, using delicate, elegant patterns and New Geometrical Shapes that contrast with the various different backgrounds. For example, works of embroidery are exact, meticulous, sharp, neat and painstakingly calibrated. The fabrics have been designed especially for elegant, refined clothing, such as garments for evening-wear and black-tie events.

Stylised Floral – The beauty and charms of the coastlines of northern France are brought to life in the Stylised Floral fabrics, which make use of images from the traditions, customs and local colours of the original Celtic settlers, and the subsequent Norman and Roman civilisations. Floral and green sketches, which were once used in old embroidery and refined decoration, are reinterpreted in these patterns, which are simple, concise and linear. The fabrics are designed especially for the tranquil, relaxed interiors found in spas, treatment centres and beauty salons – veritable style resorts, where elegant beachwear is a must.

Exotic – Paradise lost is the dream evoked by these strong, intense patterns, which reproduce oversized animal prints, such as primitive hides, wild skins and natural barks that are full of life due with dazzling, bright colours. These fabrics take you on a journey of discovery in search of far-off, elusive places, in an Exotic style that is sought after in the world’s most exclusive beach resorts. The watchword for the patterns is glamour, making the fabrics ideal for clothing that gets the wearer noticed – clothing that is original, stylish, bold and never predictable.



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