Eurojersey launches temperature adjusting fabric

Eurojersey, the leading company famous for its patented Sensitive® Fabrics, is launching a new range of intelligent fabrics onto the market.

The new products from Sensitive® Fabrics, which have been created with the help of Swiss high-tech company HeiQ, showcase the ‘most advanced technology’ and feature properties such as temperature adjustment and body odor control.

An innovative polymer – Adaptive by HeiQ – applied to Sensitive® Fabrics BODYWARE changes the fabric’s properties in response to body temperature: at low temperature it captures moisture, keeping the wearer drier and warmer, as temperature increases, it cools them down..

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Meanwhile, a powerful silver-based solution – Pure by HeiQ – creates a textile surface that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria, reportedly helping the wearer’s clothes to stay fresher, more comfortable and in better condition for much longer.



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