Esbelt announces 120% increase in sales

Brazilian Bodywear company Esbelt announced a 120 percent increase in its yearly sales today.

The brand has reported an ‘even more’ dramatic increase in recent weeks for its BumBum product, often described as a foam-moulded bra for the bottom.

Esbelt spokesperson Peter Oldham said: “A lot of people in today’s world want the perfect body, instantly. The BumBum creates the ‘J Lo’ effect without going through surgery or paying any costs.

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“We also sell a lot of BumBums to dressmakers and into the transgender market.”

Esbelt believes the success of the products stems from the desire of men and women to improve their shape and drop an instant dress size, without having to resort to dieting, surgery or exercise.

Oldham added: “Responding to customer demand, Esbelt have developed products designed to pull in tummies, create bottoms and create hourglass figures for both men and women. When you instantly receive the desired body, it is no surprise Esbelt’s are selling so well”.

Esbelt offers all its retailers either a counter-top or wall mounted stand to exhibit the product in three dimensional form,



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