Erotic lingerie market forecast to grow at 7%

The global market for erotic lingerie is forecast to see a compound annual growth rate of 7.1% between now and 2019, according to new data published this week.

Analyst firm Sandler Research said the market would experience strong single-digit growth for the next four years, with soaring e-commerce sales giving rise to new opportunities for erotic lingerie market suppliers.

It cited Calvin Klein, Lejaby, Lise Charmel and Victoria’s Secret as brands leading the way for the industry on a worldwide basis.

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“Designers are taking care to create lingerie with the right design, making lingerie erotic as well as comfortable and blending design with function,” the research firm stated. “New lingerie is being developed from the ground up using unique concepts that combine aesthetics and mechanics with good quality.”

Sandler Research noted that more internet retailers are venturing into the erotic lingerie market as a result of the low barriers to entry offered by ecommerce, adding that websites such as,,, and are among the success stories in this category.

The report pointed to the lack of acceptance of products that fall within the erotic lingerie category as the biggest challenge facing the sector globally. Erotic products are considered taboo in many regions, making vendors hesitant to venture into this market.



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