English lace used in Kate Middleton gown

Derbyshire lace manufacturer Cluny Lace was shocked to discover that its lace had been used in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

The company uncovered the truth after a report in the news that French Chantily and English Cluny lace had been used. Cluny Lace is the only manufacturer of lace left in the UK.

It uncovered that its lace had been used on the underskirt of the dress and that some of its motifs were used on the train.

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The lace was more prominently on the bridesmaid’s underskirts and around their neck and sleeves.

Cluny Lace sales manager Kate Knight told Lingerie Insight: “They said in the news that it was a mixture of French Chantilly lace and English Cluny Lace, so we guessed it was us… We didn’t send out lace to Alexander McQueen, obviously… Somebody must have bought it from the packages that went out in the last couple of months.”

Alexander McQueen has reportedly been too busy to provide more details to the company over the past couple of weeks, but plenty of others have betrayed interest.

Knight said: “People who know us around the world wrote and said: ‘Is that you? Because, we heard them mention English Cluny, so we wondered if it was you…’

“It is a nice advertisement, so people might know that we are here. Our market is possibly a different market, but hopefully now lace will come back and become popular again on bride’s dresses.”



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