Emilio Cavallini reveals spring statement hosiery

Italian fashion house Emilio Cavallini is putting statement hosiery at the heart of its spring/summer 2013 ready-to-wear collections.

Following on from a neon bright spring/summer 2012 and a darker embellished autumn/winter 2012, the brand welcomes back geometric prints and signature styles but with a splash of lavender, spice and gemstone colourways.

Ready-to-wear pieces often have socks or hosiery to match throughout which reveal full outfits. Colourways refer to a bold Spring/Summer which include a mix of pastel and bright hues- ivory, linen, skin, ice gray, marine, black, lemonade, tangerine, Parisian blue, lavender, raspberry, gemstone, spice.

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Materials include signature mesh and fishnet dresses with an abundance of sheer nylon and spandex hosiery. This season also introduces a new shorter capri legging style with a matching sock.

Spring/Summer 2013 reveals an array of control top tights and the ‘push up tight’ which are new to the brand. The shape creates bold silhouettes and shapes for the new season- offering curves and support to your hosiery.

Retail prices for hosiery will range from £7.50-£17.




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