Emilio Cavallini creates tights for men

Italian designer Emilio Cavallini has launched a new collection of unisex hosiery.

The hosiery was designed in response to demand from existing consumers and sparked a new round of research and development by the company.

It has already made waves in the industry, with Madonna’s models donning pairs in her latest music video, Girls Gone Wild.

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“Men’s tights, or ‘unisex’ tights, have become an important niche business for us since we started our online shop in June 2009,” said Francesco Cavallini, vice president of Florence-based Stilnovo S.p.A., the family-owned company that produces the Emilio Cavallini brand.

“The category really grew organically… When we launched our e-commerce site, we began to notice that tights in size Medium-Large were quite often being purchased by men.”

Male employees at the company wear-tested a range of tights to rate the comfort level and end uses, and the company created a new line of unisex tights that both men and women could wear.

“The right fabrication was essential,” added Cavallini, “since men perspire more than women do and because of the obvious ‘anatomical differences’ between the two genders.”

Cavallini’s unisex tights are a combination of cotton and nylon, which has greater elasticity and stretch, as well as a high degree of breathability.

According to the executive, they are designed to be worn for lounging around on the weekend, as an alternative to sweatpants.

Lisa Cavallini, president of Mostlytights LLC, the distributor for Cavallini legwear in North America, claimed that fashion and practicality are equal factors in the sale of men’s tights.

She said: “Our biggest sellers are solid black and solid white… Men wear them with shorter pants and shorts or with worn-out jeans with holes in them. Wearing them makes a man feel young, fashionable, and hip. On the practical side, they add a layer of comfort and warmth, especially in the winter.”

In addition to solid black and white, the unisex collection is available in a black/white skull pattern as well as in black/white graphic prints.

They are an exclusive of shop.emiliocavallini.com.

View Madonna’s models wearing the tights in her Girls Gone Wild music video:



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