Embrace sees positive results from radio road test

Shapewear brand Embrace has recorded positive results from a road test carried out by listeners of an Irish radio show.

Embrace director, Reenagh McCall was initially interviewed by RTE’s ‘The Mooney Show’ in March when the call went out to listeners to see who would put the brand’s claims that its slimming collection smoothes and tones the skin.

Calls flooded in at a rate of one every two seconds and Brenda Donohue, the show’s reporter commented: “We were inundated with people from all over the country…really and truly everybody wanted a go.” 

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Eight listeners trialled the Embrace Slimming high waist leggings ‘by the book’, wearing them for eight hours daily over the course of 28 days.

All wearers scored the products between eight and 9.5 out of 10 and all recorded significant reductions in measurements.

One tester, a young mother of three, lost two inches off her waist and an inch off each of her thighs, according to Embrace.

A second tester, who wanted an answer to cellulite and to improve circulation, minimising varicose veins which had surfaced following surgery, said: “My skin feels smoother, the good news is that the cellulite is gone totally, it’s unbelievable and my veins have all but disappeared”.

Five intensive care nurses also trialled the leggings under their scrubs and declared: “We think [the Slimming leggings] is well entitled to 8/10, they were easy to wear, easy to wash, they were very comfortable….we were very dubious about the product initially, but definitely it works.”

McCall said that since testers recorded their results live on air on Saturday, "sales are flying", with some sizes selling out within three hours of going to air.

She added: “We believe in our products, they are made in Italy with exclusively European suppliers and have the lightest grade, seamless, silken finish, so although it might appear to be a courageous move to offer random listeners our styles to test live on air, we thought we would get a positive response, but I have to say even we couldn’t have anticipated just how positive the results would be.”