Embarrassing Bodies star presents at Moda

Medical celebrity and presenter of Embarrassing Bodies Doctor Pixie McKenna appeared on Moda’s main stage yesterday to talk to visitors about breast health and sports bra support.

She told delegates that while many women who come into her surgery are motivated to get out and get active, the thing that often holds them back are their breasts, due to pain caused by breast movement during exercise.

The TV star, who has over 13 years of medical experience, urged the lingerie buyers to educate women about the importance of wearing a good quality sports bra.

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“Adequate breast support in the form of a sports bra is an essential part of every woman’s gym kit,” she said. “I don’t have the time to talk to women about sports bras, but you, as an industry, can.”

Nicola King from Freya Active joined the doctor on stage to talk about the breast research study it has conducted with the University Portsmouth, which scientifically proved the brand’s new sports bra reduces breast pain, strain and independent breast movement during exercise.

Modelling the sports bra, England Netball star Sasha Corbin recommended the garment to delegates.





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