Elizabeth Hurley Beach receives ‘Lolita’ criticism

Elizabeth Hurley’s beachwear brand has been criticised by leading children’s charity Kidscape for offering swimwear that is inappropriate for children aged eight and under.

The Elizabeth Hurley Beach brand offers two ranges of swimwear – including both bikinis and one pieces – for children, one which targets the under eight group and the other which targets the eight to 13 market.

One design for the under eight group is a cheetah print Gemini Bikini, described on the website as similar to the label’s adult June Bikini product. Also included in the range is the animal print Mini Cha Cha tie side bikini with ‘sweet frill detail’.

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Kidscape director Claude Knight claimed the inclusion of more risque swimwear items, such as those featuring animal prints, was part of a worrying trend to turn children into ‘kidults’.

While accepting that Elizabeth Hurley Beach offered some ‘exceptional’ pieces, she stated some of the more adult products were not suitable to be worn by children.

Knight told Sky News that she was not singling out the actress’ label for individual blame, but attempting to highlight an attitude that was prevalent throughout the industry.



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