Edwina Currie wades into row over plus size models

Edwina Currie, a former cabinet minister in John Major’s government, has sparked a media storm after asserting that plus-size model Ashley Graham is “heading for diabetes”.

She was on the BBC Breakfast show sofa reviewing the newspapers on Sunday, when she drew attention to an article about plus size models generating as much controversy as size zero models.

The original article in the Sunday Times referred to how fashion brands were creating unrealistic expectations, even for larger models.

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The article said pictures are being retouched to create unusual body shapes such as skinny arms and fuller busts and hips.

Model Naomi Shimada, told the Sunday Times: “Clients are looking for girls in perfect proportion, or they want girls to be curvy but they still want small legs,” she says.

Ms Currie waded into the debate with: “It seems to me that plus-size models – and extolling them and making it seem normal to be obese – is just as dangerous and unhealthy as the zero models, the very thin ones, whether it’s attractive or not it’s unhealthy,” she said, pointing to a photo Ashley Graham – a size 14 model who features of the cover of Sports Illustrated’s new swimsuit issue.

Twitter lit up immediately with criticisms ranging from mild disbelief to screeching abuse.



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