Editor’s welcome: Picking the 2018 Power List

Lingerie Insight editor Sarah Clarke.

The ongoing growth of the intimate apparel sector is triggering unprecedented expansion among the savviest brands and retailers in the market.

But while we hear a lot about the extraordinary rate at which companies are driving growth through the launch of new shops, services, products and campaigns, often little recognition is given to the actual individuals and teams responsible for making sure that each brand and retailer is fully optimised for business.

The Lingerie Insight Power List aims to shed a light on those responsible for some of the excellent work that goes into the industry. Some of them will be familiar faces, while others are just starting to make their mark on the sector, but each one of the following 50 names have had a direct hand in spurring the development of the industry over the past 12 months and fully deserve to be a part of the 2018 Power List.

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In the link below, we recognise the stars of the industry, from the chief executives behind the most influential lingerie brands to the designers, buyers and independent shop owners.

But it isn’t just about running a brand or store, of course. Many of the individuals in the Power list are responsible for mentoring the next generation of industry stars, investing in new businesses, providing a consultancy service and inspiring the sector with new research and ideas.

So how did we select these 50 companies and individuals? Well, ultimately we left it up to the industry to decide by inviting the market to submit nominations and seeking feedback from the sector itself. Additionally, we have taken into account the news stories and developments we have reported in Lingerie Insight and lingerieinsight.com this year, paying attention to examples of innovation and growth.

We probably could have filled this publication a dozen times over, but in the 50 people that did make the list, we have a group of businesses that truly reflect what makes the industry so diverse and dynamic right now.




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