EcoLuxe doubles number of designers in showcase

Luxury fashion showcase EcoLuxe London will commence on February 20 with double the number of designers than were present at the 2010 launch.

EcoLuxe London will be open to press and fashion buyers looking for high brands ‘with a conscience.’

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion will also be taking five stands to showcase their latest up and coming designers.

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Lingerie designers who will be present at the event include corsetiere Velda Lauder and brand Kiss Me Deadly.

Velda Lauder will have copies of her book Corsets: A modern Guide, which she will be signing for those who want to buy on the day or place an order with her publishers.

She will be presenting her Gothikka II collection, inspired by the ‘dark seductive power of Vampires and redemption’ (think ‘True Blood’, classic British vampire femme fatales and the styling of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 Dracula movie).

Kiss me Deadly will be exhibiting  its new Made in the UK collection, which includes roll on girdles, short and longline, baby dolls, satin teddys, and vintage inspired printed bras and knickers. The majority of the collection is limited edition and the Cervin stocking range will also be on show, some items of which are still made on machines dating from the war.

Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries Ed Vaizley will be in attendance at this year’s event. The inaugural EcoLuxe London showcase in September 2010 was officially opened by the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife Miriam Gonzalez.

On the February 2011 event, she said: “EcoLuxe London is a great example of how fashion can be stunning, and yet sustainable. It offers consumers a choice in which creativity and style are not incompatible with environmental and social responsibility. It has been an honour to support EcoLuxe London and I wish them most success."

EcoLuxe London will also be launching ‘The Textile and Apparel Apprenticeship Programme in London’ at the exhibition, which will be held in the Aldwych Hotel, opposite London Fashion Week at Somerset House.



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