E-tailer Bella’s Blush launches in the UK

New lingerie e-tailer Bella’s Blush has been launched in the UK by mother and daughter duo Valerie Pow and Becca Pow.

Bella’s Blush, which stocks US label Affinitas & Parfait, targets women who have trouble finding ‘well fitting, pretty’ bras, on the High Street.

Bella’s Blush co-founder Becca Pow said: “We were inspired to launch Bella’s Blush as we saw a gap in the market for a lingerie company that specialises in small back size, big cup size lingerie. A lot of high street retailers start their sizing at 32 back size, but I have friends who struggled to find pretty lingerie starting at 30 backs in the past.

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“We have always wanted our own business, and as I wasn’t enjoying studying business at University, so we decided just to go for it and put knowledge into practice! I love working with my mum. We work very well together; I’m quite impulsive whereas my Mum’s more sensible! So we make a good partnership!”

On stocking Affinitas & Parfait, Pow added: “We came across Affinitas & Parfait while browsing for suppliers. They ticked all our boxes, having ranges for big and small cups and starting backs at 30. We also loved the designs of the lingerie.”

Bella’s Blush stocks Affinitas & Parfait’s Alexis, Charlotte and Stella collections, available at www.bellasblush.co.uk.






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