Durex underwear solves long distance love problem

Condom maker Durex claims to have solved one of romance’s greatest challenges: keeping love alive when a couple are far apart.

A research and development programme called Durexperiment has created prototype underwear that allows men and women to excite each other at the touch of a smartphone from opposite sides of the world.

Underwear designed for both men and women contains vibration pads that stimulate the person wearing it based on instructions relayed directly to the garments from a smartphone.

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Videos of the technology at work, which is being developed under the code name Fundawear, show a man and women stripped to their underwear giving each other considerable pleasure (mainly in the form of hilarity) using the prototypes.

Tech director Ben Moir predicts: “After the laughter stopped we knew this would be an awesome project.”

Durex Australia calls the invention, without a trace of irony, “The future of foreplay”.




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