DMU showcases work by Fashion Bodywear students

Students from De Montfort University’s (DMU) MA Fashion Bodywear course will be exhibiting their work at Phoenix Square Film and Digital Media Centre, Leicester, on January 16.

The masters Fashion Bodywear students are stated to be expert in designs that explore the relationship between intimate apparel and outerwear fashion.

The three designers whose work has been chosen to exhibit are Maggie Liu, Laura Claire Mansell and Nikki Williamson, all of whom are graduating and will be presenting their major projects from the course.

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Laura Mansell, 24 from Rugeley, Staffordshire, created a collection called ‘Self vs Self’ with both under and outer wear garments. Some of her work was on display at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, which ran from 3 to 8 December 2010.

She said: “The idea that identity can be both masked and revealed through garments is core to my designs and research. My design philosophy is inspired by the symbiotic relationships that exist between intimate apparel and outer wear.

“I have always wanted to set up my own lingerie and corsetry design business and with the enhanced skills that I have picked up from this Masters course I feel that this is definitely a possible career option for me now,” Laura said.

Nikki Williamson, 26, from Tunbridge Wells, has created a collection of under and outer wear called ‘Who I Really Am’.

She said: “My aim was to create garments that emphasise the wearer’s experience of adornment through both large and small design details.

“My garments reflect my research into how consumers’ emotions respond to their intimate apparel and are intended the heighten the wearer’s sense of who they really are.”

Williamson’s work was selected to be presented as a poster at the Textile Institute Centenary Conference 2010.

Maggie Liu, 32, from Leicester, has created a collection entitled ‘Loungerie’, a range of simple ‘elegant’ lingerie that uses fashion bodywear to create a fusion of inner and outwear designs for the contemporary woman.

Liu said: “My use of sophisticated and understated aesthetics in my designs, is to achieve a strong feminine form.”

“I am using ‘Chiaroscuro’ with its contrasting style of light and dark shading as inspiration, its use will help to emphasise the drapes and gathers of my garments enhancing their overall look producing a smoother silhouette.”

Maggie won the WA Edwards Prize Fund Award for the academic year 2009/2010 last summer.

Course leader Michgele Danjoux, said: “These three students have been able to experiment with new technologies and have access to a diverse set of facilities, including world class contour design resources to develop their own distinctive styles and responses to their subject.”

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