Debenhams launches lightest ever bra

Debenhams has launched its lightest ever t-shirt bra today, weighing in at just 48g.

The step was taken after research by the department store suggested traditional t-shirt bras were ‘quite heavy’ due to their dense foam structure, which is required to give an invisible fit.

Debenhams head of lingerie buying and design Sharon Webb said: “Many women find that the search for a bra that fits, flatters, is comfortable and functional is as hard as finding the right man!”

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Over 90 percent of women in wearer trials reportedly agreed that the bra felt like ‘a second skin.’

“Our research showed that many traditional t-shirt bras were quite heavy due to their dense foam structure, which is required to give an invisible fit.”

Back specialist Dr David W. Evans said: "Since half of the population will at some point probably wear a bra, it is important that they will help more than they hinder.

“A properly fitted, well designed bra, made of light materials that do not restrict movement, is likely to help women stay active, which is the best way to recover from back pain."

The ‘light as air’ t-shirt bra is advertised by the department store as having no bulk, moulding to the body and feeling noticeably lighter than any other bra.

Webb added: “This is an everyday t-shirt bra, designed to be seam-free under clothes. It has bonded straps and bagged out wings for a luxury finish and added comfort.

“It’s a weight off our shoulders. We are confident that once women try this bra, they will never wear another t-shirt bra again – it really is unbelievably comfortable.”



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