Debenhams caught up in ‘London Riots’

Leading department store and intimate apparel retailer Debenhams last night found itself at the centre of the rioting in London.

Its branch in Clapham Junction was attacked and stripped by looters. The store was initially ransacked as mayhem reigned across the city but before long the store became the centre of a crisis as the shop opposite caught fire and residents had to be evacuated.

The looting of the store lasted over 90 minutes as youths were seen to be walking in and out freely, leaving with armfuls of stolen products. The chaos spread around the surrounding area with the party shop opposite later catching fire. This caused officials to order evacuation as compressed helium gas canisters were inside.

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Clapham Junction was just one of several areas across London to see violence, theft and criminal damage. This followed disturbances in Tottenham and Enfield over the weekend, Islington, Croydon, Hackney and even as far afield as Birmingham saw widespread troubles.

Debenhams is the UK’s second largest retailer of intimate apparel and stocks a number of brands, including Ultimo, Floozie by Frost French and Reger by Janet Reger, in addition to its own brand offering.



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