Dear Kate Campaign Makes Headlines

American brand Dear Kate has launched a new global campaign featuring the top females in the tech industry in their product.

The campaign is for the brand’s latest line, named Ada Lovelace, after the English mathematician who worked on Charles Babbage’s first computer-like machine and is widely consiedered to have developed the first algorithm to be carried out by a machine.

However, Dear Kate’s use of female tech founders has hit the headlines and reopened the debate about sexism against women in technology, especially in Silicon Valley, where female execs are underrepresented.

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CEO and Founder of Dear Kate Julie Sygiel defended her decision in an interview with Fox News: “There has been a lot of sexism in tech, so we’re taking it one step further and really saying women should be respected regardless of what they’re wearing,” Sygiel said “At the end of the day everyone wears underwear.”

“Women are so much more than how we look, and I’m smart, creative and have really good ideas, and that is totally unconnected to how I look,” Sygiel said. “If someone sees me in my underwear and that perpetuates sexism then I feel sorry for them.”

She continued: “We have gotten a lot of support on social media. Definitely there are people who don’t understand it, and they’re questioning is this positive, is this negative,” she said. “At the end of the day, we’re creating a dialogue that wasn’t necessarily there before.”



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