Customer input on promotions key to higher sales

Retailers which offer customers a choice when it comes to future promotions can expect to register significantly higher sales than those which don’t invite input.

That’s the bold claim of shop fitting specialist Displaysense, which recently trialled a promotional voting system across three stores and compared the results to three similar shops that selected their offers without consulting shoppers.

The Hertfordshire company insists that empowering customers clearly pays off, with the stores that used a promotional voting system experiencing up to a 25% increase in visitors during the sales period, compared to the other shops.

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“We provided a selection of stores with suggestion boxes and promotional displays to promote the activity and customers simply had to drop a small card with their details on it into the box with the promotion they preferred.” explained Steve Whittle, marketing director at Displaysense.

“We believe that if customers have a choice in the promotions coming up, they are more likely to return to the store to buy.”

Bymaking use of promotional displays that can be easily altered — such as a ‘snap frame’ for posters that can easily be altered or a ‘chalkboard’ where different offers can be posted up regularly — stores will find it is straightforward to operate a choice-based system, according to Whittle.

He says that involving customers in selecting the promotion is an important way to improve the level of engagement and encourage them to return to the store.

“By choosing the promotion, the customer already feels that they are getting a more personalised discount, making them more likely to come back to the store,” he said.

“This also benefits the retailer, as they will have their customers’ contact details on hand, enabling them to contact them directly to promote the offer, increase sales in the process and allows for ongoing communication to promote future offers.”



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