Curvy Kate model to shave head for charity

Curvy Kate model Lizzie Haines has vowed to shave her head to raise funds for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!

The label’s Star in a Bra winner will attempt to raise £10,000 by Valentine’s Day 2014, when she will shave off her long locks.

CoppaFeel!’s objective is to to educate people on the importance of checking their breasts regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

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The charity was founded in 2009 Kristin Hallenga who, at the age 22, was told she was “too young to get breast cancer”. This meant that her cancer was diagnosed late and could only be treated, never cured.

Haines cut her long hair to a short bob in 2005 after her father was affected by cancer and managed to raise £3,500.

The model has now pledged to go one better and shave her head entirely after seeing the work of CoppaFeel! at the Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show.

She commented: “It’s as much about awareness and keeping it in the public eye as it is fundraising.”

“Curvy Kate is working with CoppaFeel! on several initiatives next year and as an ambassador for the brand I want to support the good work that they will be doing, along with the amazing efforts of CoppaFeel!,” Haines added.

Lingerie Insight previously reported that Curvy Kate will support CoppaFeel!’s BraHijack campaign, a new project that is urging the lingerie world to introduce labels carrying breast-checking reminders to all bras sold in the UK.

Curvy Kate has committed to adding the reminder label, which will be sewn next to the care label, to all bras sold after January 2014.

Other brands who have signed up to the campaign are Lepel, Tutti Rouge and




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