Curvy Kate launches world's first bum bra

Fuller-bust lingerie brand Curvy Kate has launched the world’s first push-up bra for bottoms.

Called the ‘BootyBra’, the buttock-enhancing panty comes in sizes 8 to 22, but with buttock “cups” in sizes D, G and J that accentuate curves with patented “upfront engineering”.

“We’ve taken the technology from our best-selling balcony bras and put it into a pair of knickers,” said Curvy Kate PR and marketing director Hannah Houston.

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“Instead of lifting breasts, our clever engineering system gives a cheeky lift to your backside.”

Padded cups sewn into the knickers provide an added figure-enhancing boost. Women can choose from three sizes: Curves (D-cup), Extreme Curves (G-cup) or Killer Curves (J-cup) that could see wearers breaking the internet Kim Kardashian-style.

Gentle under-wiring can support bottoms of up to 5kg with a firm elasticated, adjustable strap at the front to offer tummy control and enhanced bottom cleavage.

Houston added: “Although Curvy Kate is primarily known for our fashionable and supportive bra collection, we love all curves. We wanted to take the support that our customers enjoy in our best-selling D-plus bra collection and apply it to other parts of the body. 2015 is already the year of the rear, with celebrities showing off their killer assets in figure-hugging outfits. Why not help women to do this even better? It has taken more than two years of development and testing, but we know that now is the right time to launch this bum-boosting product.”

Testing procedures for the BootyBra have included the champagne challenge (balancing a full glass on the top of the buttocks) as the wearer copies Kim Kardashian’s famous “break the internet” pose and the trampoline test, where fit-models bounce up and down without compromising firmness, lift and rear projection.

Georgina Horne, otherwise known as fashion blogger Fuller Figure Fuller Bust said; “Despite already having a generous bottom, the likes of Kim K and Nicki Minaj have left me wanting more. The Curvy Kate BootyBra not only answers all of my bum prayers, it also sucks my gut in. Your anaconda will never go hungry again."

The BootyBra is available in beige and black and features Curvy Kate’s trademark bows and lace detailing.



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