CURVEXPO shows 2016: What to expect

In the build-up to its New York and Las Vegas shows, CURVEXPO outlines what visitors can expect from the intimate apparel exhibitions in 2016.

The CURVEXPO team is looking forward to implementing many developments and updates for CURVENY and CURVENV@MAGIC in the coming months.


The focus for the New York show was to find the perfect balance of tangible and digital improvements to add to the show, providing the highest quality experience for both the exhibiting brands, as well as the attending buyers.

For February, it incorporates an enhanced show experience, starting with new technology, such as webinars and a mobile app, a new layout for a more contemporary feel, and fashion show and trend presentations to bring products to life.

Starting in 2016, Eurovet Americas/CURVEXPO will produce two show formats per year in Las Vegas; in February, LINGERIE AND SWIM by CURVENV@MAGIC, and in August, CURVENV@MAGIC.

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Since the Autumn/Winter shows do not have as much of a swimwear presence, the CURVEXPO team has decided to change the format for the future February seasons and maintain a high focus on intimate apparel.

The February show will then exist within womenswear trade show WWD MAGIC, to allow buyers to visit various booths within the same space.

For August, the format will be identical to the past August 2015 season; the show remaining a separate entity from WWD MAGIC with its own hall within the Las Vegas Convention Center, allowing attendees from both the CURVENV@MAGIC as well as other WWD MAGIC shows the ability to walk all show floors.

New York attendees who were present at previous shows will see a completely different show for February, one that is filled with visual-based items designed to enrich the attendee’s experience before and during the show.


The fashion presentations that were seen in the August Las Vegas show will be moved to the East Coast, with models showcasing looks on various platforms in the presentation area.

These presentations will allow buyers to see various products and styles in a more “real-world” setting; they are also designed to promote a variety of brands.

Also featured will be various trend presentations to deliver invaluable information about the upcoming season’s trends, highlighting products from the show floor.


CURVEXPO will provide informative webinars before the CURVENY NEW YORK show that will tell buyers and brands how to make the most of the marketing tools that are offered on the website.

The new mobile application and interactive floor plan are digital advancements that will incorporate seamlessly to mobile phones, aiding in searching for booth locations, amongst other features.

This will give buyers the opportunity to map out their day and easily find the brands in which they have appointments with. It will also enable them to effortlessly find the booth of a brand they are interested in visiting.



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