Counterfeit LYCRA fibre hangtags seized

Two thousand garments bearing counterfeit LYCRA fibre hangtags have been seized and destroyed at a Customs office in Gliwicie, Poland.

The Polish customs officials in southern Poland suspected the goods were counterfeit and seized them in August 2011, after which they informed INVISTA, the trademark owner.

An investigation launched by INVISTA confirmed that the goods were counterfeit and that the elastane used in the trousers was not INVISTA’s LYCRA® fibre. The LYCRA fibre® hangtags with which they were identified were also discovered to be phoney.

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INVISTA Apparel executive vice president Max Wiesendanger said: “Trademark infringement is taken very seriously at INVISTA and we will continue to take action against illegal production, distribution, trading and importing or exporting of counterfeit goods.

“Our customers and the end consumers trust our brands’ quality, innovation and performance and we will uphold the high levels of expectation by conserving the LYCRA® fibre name to protect not only ourselves but also the well-being of our clients.

The importer agreed to the destruction of the garments and was forced to pay a fine, in addition to signing a statement promising not to infringe INVISTA intellectual property rights in the future.

The destruction of the counterfeit items took place on December 28, 2011 near Opole, Poland, in the presence of a customs official, INVISTA trademark representatives and the importer of the infringing goods.

INVISTA provides its customers with products with a series of unique performance characteristics. Besides monitoring cross-border infringement activity, the company also takes proactive measures to protect its patents and trademarks.

INVISTA is currently running several global trademark protection campaigns such as ‘Prove your identity’ in countries such as Turkey, China and Thailand.



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