Coquette helps Save the ta-ta’s

US lingerie brand Coquette has partnered with Save the ta-ta’s for its first seasonal collection, launching in SS13, from which it will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

Funds go directly to researchers, who are reportedly making groundbreaking progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods of this prevalent disease.

Coquette vice president of sales and marketing Marcus Horea said: “This partnership was just the next step to our new collection… Being in the lingerie industry, we wanted to parallel ourselves with a recognised and reputable cause for women. Save the ta-ta’s Foundation is an organization that we support, and look forward to what this new relationship will accomplish.”

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The debut SS13 range encompasses raspberry, teal, floral prints and baby blue combinations. Bows, jewels and lace provide further adornment.

“The sun filled images of this catalogue show the high fashion designs of this collection and the new direction Coquette is heading with its re-branding initiative,” said Horea. “We want to show our retailers and new customers our ability to create stunning lingerie at affordable pricing, that is flattering to all body types.”

The brand will showcase the new SS13 collection, alongside its other lines, at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, this month.





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