CoppaFeel! launches first 3D boobs live in London

CoppaFeel! has launched the first mobile app of 3D boobs, live in London, in order to raise awareness of the importance to check your breasts for breast cancer.

The app uses blippar, an innovative mobile image recognition app platform, which delivers the interactive functionality.

The app marks the finale of the Hello Boobs campaign, run by CoppaFeel! throughout 2011. The mission of the charity is to convey the message that checking your breasts should be the ‘habit of a lifetime.’ Targeting young people across the UK, it aims to encourage and inspire people to be comfortable and familiar with their breasts in order to reduce incidents of late detection or misdiagnosed cancer.

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The 3D boobs app is centred around digital billboards in London and can be seen at Holborn Eye, Euston underpass and Westfield.

The billboards feature a picture of a model posing in her bra. Users are required to download the blippar app, hold their phone towards the image, which will enable them to see the boobs in 3D, but also allow them to name them.

Users are then able to share the picture via Facebook and Twitter, find out more about ‘how to check your boobs’ on the CoppaFeel! website and also sign-up to the free CoppaFeel! text message reminder service.

The campaign runs from December 2 for two weeks, utilising two high-profile digital outdoor locations, provided by Outdoor Plus, and also 300 washroom panels, provided through Admedia, for a more private environment for checks.

The app has been designed and created for CoppaFeel! by creative agency Archibald Ingall Stretton (ais) and Arena media.

CoppaFeel! founder and chief executive Kristin Hallenga said: “We’re very excited to have launched the World’s first giant 3D boobs in London. The Hello Boobs campaign has allowed us to open a healthy conversation with young people about getting to know their breasts better – a habit that could save their life. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed in the UK, so the sooner we check the better. Young people are often too busy to listen to health messages so we have to be clever, we have to be cheeky, we have to be different, and we are! We now have interactive 3D boobs in prime locations in London and for a charity that is priceless.”

Archibald Ingall Stretton creative director Geoff Gower said: “We wanted to create a campaign that could really be heard and seen above other charities campaigning. The creative immediately captures attention and, combined with the use of technology our audience is familiar with, encourages interaction and a bit of fun. It also provides a great way of measuring the campaign.”

Blippar business development manager Dave Black added "Blippar are excited about the opportunity to work with CoppaFeel! to help them to deliver such an innovative and daring campaign. The eye catching poster is just the start of a fully interactive, experience which is sure to turn heads! This has been one of the more ‘unusual’ and fun blipps we’ve worked on in the office and we look forward to building more pioneering campaigns in the future to support such a worthwhile cause."



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