CoppaFeel! documentary to air on BBC3

A television documentary about the founder of breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! will air on BBC3 next week.

The programme, titled ‘Dying to Live’, will tell the story of Kris Hallenga, who was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer at the age of 23 and subsequently launched her charity, with the aim of stamping out late detection and misdiagnosis of the disease.

It’s about how she lives with breast cancer and tirelessly promotes the importance of early diagnosis through various means.

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Over the past year, Hallenga has worked with the lingerie industry to try and encourage designers to sew breast-checking reminder labels into their bras.

So far, Curvy Kate, Lepel, Panache, and Tutti Rouge have signed up to the BraHijack campaign.

The documentary will be shown at 9pm, 26 March.




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