In the third of a series of blogs, De Montfort University Third Year Contour Fashion student Bryony Bennett thanks the people who have helped her defy gravity.

Once the rush of adrenaline and excitement from the photoshoot was over, it revealed everything that was still yet to complete; the rest of the collection, technical back-up work and, in our technical route’s case, reports presented to industry detailing the research that developed into our unique products.

The last month before deadline was like hurtling down the motorway at full speed; quick stops at home to sleep (occasionally) the scenery switching only between the sewing rooms and the library in a determined push to get everything done by deadline.

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With the help of close friends and family wielding sewing needles and brewing tea, every last piece of lace appliqué was attached, threads hand-sewn back in on themselves, and every single seam pressed pristinely ready for my tutors’ inspection and the eyes of the industry.

On the day of my presentation I sat apprehensively downstairs amongst everything we had organized for the day – the buffet, professional photographers, hair and makeup artists, the gorgeous models who helped keep our spirits up and our anxieties down; and waited until my name was called and I walked apprehensively upstairs to where the panel was waiting.

After talking perhaps a little too long (there was a lot to cover) I was met by such positive and excited comments, I couldn’t stop beaming. Everyone agreed I had tackled the ‘near impossible’ and had approached it in a unique way.

My cups had been measured and cut in such a way to discreetly incorporate my ‘magic’ inserts. Developed from my experiments on the movement of breasts, I had created inserts that the more the breast pushed down on, the stronger the support they offered. This support, was never more evident than when I’d finished talking, and my 30 GG model stood there in front of them all, completely as lifted as when I’d begun.

As I un-zipped and un-hooked my lovely model, thanking her for the last time (three months worth of fitting reviews), I thought of all the people to thank who made it possible; from the R&D team at Courtaulds – my mentors throughout, Stretchline, Curvy Kate and Liebeart supplying samples crucial to my design; our tutors who had worked with me from the start, helping me to shape my idea into what it became; to my friends, family and the other girls on the course providing, in my times of need, often very practical support.

I may have been successful in my attempt to defy gravity, but its not something I could have done without hardwork, willpower and the extradiorary kindess of others. As I signed my hand in sheet, all that was left was to return the favour to the other girls on the course as they faced the Catwalk in Covent Garden on the 7th of June.



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