Consent campaigners hijack Victoria’s Secret

The American feminist consent campaigners FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture has received international attention from blogs and the press after placing satirical messages in Victoria’s Secret stores and setting up a spoof Victoria’s Secret website to push its message.

The website,, and its associated Twitter feed features models of pointedly diverse body shapes and skin colours wearing knickers that bear messages such as “Ask first” and “No means no”, parodies of the Victoria’s Secret “Pink” line, which features slogans like “Unwrap Me”,

Legal action from the company temporarily brought the site down, although it is now back online under the defence of “fair use”, but in the meantime FORCE started what it terms “operation panty drop”, placing the satirical knickers in the stores next to the originals.

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The FORCE website claims that customers were buying the planted knickers without knowing about the campaign, and that there was a considerable demand for the product, but that copyright law prevented them from selling the knickers.

FORCE cited a shopper in Philadelphia who said she purchased a pair of “Ask First” knickers “…because if I am wearing sexy underwear, that doesn’t mean I am asking for anything. Ask me first!” She was not aware of PINK loves Consent prior to the purchase.

Although the organisation does not sell the knickers, it does offer instructions for making them, on its site.



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