Commonwealth Games swimsuits slammed by critics

The official uniforms for Australia’s Commonwealth swim team are causing a stir down under, with concerns that they draw attention to the crotchal region.

Designed by Speedo, both the men’s and women’s outfits, have been criticised for guiding the eye to “the wrong place”, reports the Scotsman.

The brand unveiled the garments on Wednesday, ahead of the 2014 Games, which will be held in Glasgow next month.

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The women’s one-piece swimsuit is covered in kangaroos, emus and maps of Australia, and athletes have been given a green and black wetsuit, which appear to have extra material or stitching in a broad triangle around the crotch area.

Brisbane stylist Di Cant told the Scotsman: “My main issue is with the green and black suits and the emphasis on the crotch.

“The shaping in the crotch and with the black leg, something is not quite flattering. It is drawing the eye to the wrong place, rather than to the athletic body and the overall look.”

Mark Ferguson, director of Australian men’s tailoring firm Wil Valor, agreed with Cant. He told the Scottish newspaper the designers had tried to be “out there” and different and it had not paid off.



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